As the writer for Upper Providence Living, each month I have the pleasure of meeting people who are helping to make this world a better place. Family and friends, please read this story, check out the Corrine Strong- It’s Go Time Facebook page and let’s make this happen for this amazing girl. 

Here is the article I wrote for the November issue. 


Mr. Kevin Donnelly: When the Sport You Coach has Nothing to do with the Game

Kevin Donnelly has faced obstacles as a high school Health and Physical Education teacher and Head Lacrosse Coach for the Spring-Ford Rams for the past fifteen years. As a teacher and coach, he strategizes and plans for the classroom and the playing field. Kevin has led his team deeply and fostered a union amongst the players. When one member of the lacrosse family is hurting, he steps up with his lineup beside him.
Kevin has been watching Corrine Hare (14) fight cancer since her initial diagnosis. The team has made it a mission to let Corrine and her family know that they are not fighting alone.
The Hares have been a vital piece of the lacrosse program for a long time. Three of Corrine’s brothers graduated after playing for four years and two are current team members. Kevin shares that “We view our program as a family and we want to help anyone in need, but especially those in our circle. Corrine is part of our family and has been for a long time.”
Kevin proudly watches as his team supports one another during this difficult ordeal. “Members of the team immediately starting helping with stuff around the Hare’s house, people prepared meals and we’ve done sales to raise money for the family.” Kevin also notes that a lot of community groups have been rallying for Corrine through several events and fundraisers.
For the past five years the team has participated in the Katie Sampson Lacrosse Festival and “are reaching out to the organization to see what they can do to help out and get involved with helping the family. We are also investigating other ways to raise funds.”
How can we help out? The Hare’s home will require some extensive renovations. A team of local contractors and a designer are meeting with the family to begin planning the projects. The goal is to have construction completed when Corrine arrives home. For more information on the project you can visit her Facebook page, Corrine Strong- It’s Go Time.
We want her to come home to a place where she feels the love and support from our great community and let the family know that we can help to assist them during this unthinkable time.
No one should have to travel down the road Corrine is on and experience this suffering.
Corrine, #ITSGOTIME and to Corrine and the entire Hare family, the community is sending thoughts, prayers and positive vibes your way.



  1. kristine McNicholas on November 1, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    I have a ceiling fan that is in a box and has been in my basement for years. I would be willing to get that delivered to you for the renovation. It is not a high price item, but it would allow donated money to be spent on something else.

  2. Kristi on November 2, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    I will pass this information on to the person who runs the page. Thanks in advance.

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