A Day in our Lives

On Friday I took Camryn to Chick-fil-A. She LOVES going out to eat. For some reason, she became very agitated while we were there. Without her noticing, I decided to record her. This is what life is like sometimes and if I am trying to paint a full picture, this needs to be shared. I stopped the audio because she began pushing stuff and yelling.

I wish I could fix this. I always feel so badly for her because she can’t express herself.

This is our reality. People don’t typically see this side of Camryn. Family and good friends know that this happens often. Sometimes she yells. Sometimes she cries for a very long time. Camryn is 13 and as her parents we know that there is nothing WE can typically do to make her happy when she has moments like this. She has to work through it as we talk to her.

Today, people stared. I am use to it and it honestly does not bother me at all. A grandfather and his grandson were sitting next to us. The grandson looked to be around 5 years old. He was fixated on the way Camryn was acting.

She eventually calmed down. The consequence for the behavior was that she lost her iPad on Friday and Saturday. She understood that we were not leaving the restaurant  until I was done eating and Paige, my little love whom I babysit, was done playing.

I think the audio is important for people to hear because it is real. This is life. It is not always perfect, but we just keep swimming…

The grandfather sitting at the table next us commended me on my patience with Camryn. I was very thankful. Patience is my only choice. It isn’t always easy, but she isn’t choosing to freak out. I will never fully understand Camryn, but I will always try my hardest to treat her with respect.

Jesus helps this mess!

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