Do you need a break from your kids? Do you want to avoid paying for a babysitter? If you said yes to either of these questions, I have a solution for you.

By Sunday night, we are lovingly OVER our children. We need a break- on a budget. Paying a babysitter for four kids is expensive. By Sunday night, we are sick of the questions, comments, and suggestions. They walk in our bedroom and bathroom as if we are living in their house. We serve them all week, but they are trying to take over our lives. They are actually sucking the life out of us. So, we tried a new system and it works.

Gather the materials pictured above and a piece of  tape. Hang this sign on your bedroom door.

We hung the sign at 7:00pm and had a quick team meeting. We explained the new Sunday night policy. We explained we will only answer our door if someone is bleeding out. At 7:20, we tucked them in and prayed. We told them that they could read, draw, or play games until 9 in their bedroom.  The look of shock and disgust on their faces wasn’t that bad. Let’s put it this way… I felt no guilt.

At 7:30 our door was shut and we felt FREEDOM.

****Camryn was in bed by 6:45, so this policy does not pertain to her.



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