This is the first year that only one Hertzog girl still believes in Santa.

The three little ones know that the Big Guy is a hoax but have taken a vow of secrecy for the sake of their sister. They are now all about making Christmas even more magical for their big sister.

I can’t believe it though. Where did the time go? They grow up so fast.

Okay, that was so fake. I am so excited. I hated the secret. I hated hiding boxes. I hated the lies. And you know why?

  • Santa never met their list of expectations. They had more expectations than Charles Dickens. Santa (I) wasn’t buying some of the ridiculous things they asked for. Side note: nor will I ever. They were always happy on Christmas morning, but if an almost 11-year-old has something to SAY about gifts on Christmas morning… SHE. BETTER. WATCH. OUT.
  • I always left the Clare’s sticker on earrings or the Marshall’s tag on a clearance toy.
  • Dave always told someone on Christmas day (in front of the girls) that he bought one of their presents at Costco. First off, he bought nothing. Seeing the gifts in trash bags on Christmas morning was just as magical for him as it was for the girls.  I do it all. Santa is all female in this house. #godrestyemerrygentleMANwhobuysonegiftforachild

So, now that the magic of Christmas has shifted a bit, the girls have decided to step up the Elf on the Shelf game with their almost 15-year-old sister, Camryn.

Camryn love EVERYTHING Pop Culture. One of Camryn’s favorite things to do is to look at magazines.. especially People magazine. Right now, her current event obsession is the Lori Loughlin scandal. If you are clueless about this scandal, read about it here:

Basically, Camryn is obsessed about Aunt Becky going to jail.

She yells “Aunt Bec” in every checkout line because Aunt Becky is on the cover of EVERY magazine. She asks about the status of Aunt Becky daily. I think she thinks we are going to visit her in the Big House.

Today, our Elf on the Shelf gave Camryn a status update on Aunt Beck.


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