This evening was Camryn’s 6 month dentist appointment. I remembered at 3:00. Shocker!! I called Dave and he came home to take Cam to her 5:00 appointment so I could help the other three with homework, get dinner ready and get Aub and Court ready for Lacrosse practice.

He came home from her appointment and said it went well until she lost 48 hours of food all over both of them.

I forgot to remind him that the fluoride treatment always ends in vomiting. You ALWAYS OPT OUT!!

I worry about vomit now and will worry about her future dental problems later.

I do just love Dave. Despite being covered in vomit, he was so optimistic about her appointment. He said it was her best appointment ever. She let them use the electric toothbrush and floss two teeth.

Her mouth is full of baby teeth and permanent teeth, so we will be headed back to the OR to get them pulled.

It will be my turn to catch the vomit…


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