Huddle Up With Eagles Autism Challenge

On April 7 we are participating in this great event in honor of Camryn. The best thing about the Huddle Up With Eagles Autism Challenge is that 100% of the monies raised goes directly towards autism research and/or programs at CHOP. To learn more about CHOP’s breakthroughs in autism, visit their website If you are interested in joining our fundraising efforts, click on the link below. Thank you from Camryn and all of us!!

Good Morning America: Attention Michael Strahan

Camryn, our 14 year old amazing daughter with Autism, an Intellectual Disability, Motor Delays, and ADHD is the hardest working teenager I know. Everything is a challenge for her, but she gets through the tasks presented to her. I often think that we all need to channel our inner Camryn! She does everything without arguing and her complaints end up making everyone laugh, including Camryn!! Last year Camryn and her beloved therapist Hannah created a post about Camryn’s therapy schedule and the techniques incorporated to work on life skills after a demanding day at school. I attached the original blog post at the bottom of this post. PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT! Camryn loves Duff, Adam Joseph, Rick Williams, and of course, Michael Strahan. We hear about them All OF THE TIME and see their pictures throughout our house! We are so thankful that this inspirational group of people are her chosen celebrity idols. She definitely is a great judge of character! When you have a child with a disability you are always looking for the next toy, book, gadget, or app that will motivate them to tackle the goals in their 60 (or more) page IEP. We are so grateful that pictures of her favorite celebrities and talking about her celebrity “entourage” continues to motivate her and bring her joy. BUT…We have an “issue” that Camryn’s sisters couldn’t help but notice and they felt compelled to get this message to Michael. Where is Michael Strahan? He is the only person who hasn’t responded to Camryn. Adam Joseph wrote to Camryn on Facebook, and Tweeted Michael and Rick to share Camryn’s story. Rick Tweeted back. Also, we had two dates scheduled to meet Duff in LA, but unfortunately Duff’s schedule was too crazy. Camryn was very understanding. He did Snapchat her and Charm City Cakes sent awesome swag! Her sisters have now upped their game AND CAMRYN HAS NO IDEA. Check out THEIR idea that they executed with the help of my friend Cheldin. The girls think (and I couldn’t help but support their dream) that Michael Strahan must have SOME connections with the Mouse himself. April is Autism Awareness Month and the girls think it would be a great time for ABC, Good Morning America, Disney, and Michael Strahan to Light It Up #BLUETIFUL with a magical visit to Walt Disney World for Camryn and her entire family. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT WITH MY THREE FUTURE LEADERS WHO WILL DO ANYTHING FOR THIER SISTER. THEY ARE ALREADY PROVING THAT WOMEN ARE LEADERS, RISKS ARE WORTH IT, AND ADVOCATING FOR OTHERS IS SHOWING THAT JESUS IS WORKING IN THEIR LIVES. Since July, Camryn has been quietly suffering with worry due to her beloved Granddad’s diagnosis of Stage IV Glioblastoma. Since he turns 80 on March 29th it would be the best place to celebrate life with Granddad too!! Recently, her Home Companion Dog from Canine Partners for Life , Violet was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma that quickly metastasized to her lungs. The cancer is unfortunately inoperable. We have SO MUCH to be thankful for, but this could help to bring some joy where it is needed most. She brings SO MUCH JOY TO EVERYONE WHO MEETS HER and things have been a little heavy around here. We live a blessed life, but the girls think Disney, ABC, GMA, and Michael Strahan can make Camryn’s dream come true. Camryn and her entire family will spread Autism Awareness throughout Disney. This trip can’t take any of her daily struggles away, but it would be the ultimate reward for an amazing teenager who deserves this and so much more. Michael, we will even come meet you and all of your friends on Good Morning America! WE CAN ALL WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! HOW CAN ANYONE SAY NO TO THESE FACES? Check out the posts below for how this all started.

Please Pray for Our Sweet Dog, Violet

Pray for Camryn’s sweet Companion Dog from Canine Partners for Life, Violet. We found a large mass on Violet and Camryn knew that I was taking her to the vet today. She asked me about the appointment as soon as she got home from school. I kind of answered and changed the subject, and gave her a cookie. How do you tell your child with Autism that her dog has a chest x-ray scheduled for the morning? How do you tell her it may be the deadliest form of cancer in dogs, more prevalent in Labrador Retrievers than other breeds? Why is it just not fair tonight that we can’t tell our oldest daughter the truth for fear that she will suffer silently and then unfortunately develop ulcers in her mouth due to stress? Tonight Autism sucks. Cancer always sucks. Jesus is always good though and will reveal His promises and plans through this storm.

Five Things I Like About Homeschooling After Week One

Homeschooling? I never even heard the word. I didn’t know it was an option. I thought my Mom was kidding. Have you met my Mom? She jokes around a lot and is somewhat sarcastic. But after just one week, I really like it. Aubrey, Courtney and I were all given a choice. We had to go in separate rooms and make Pro/Con lists for each scenario: stay in school or be homeschooled. We all chose homeschooling, but my parents made it clear that this can be a temporary decision. In the summer, we will revisit our decisions individually. And then, the adventure began! Here are my top five things I like so far about being homeschooled. First: I like learning, a lot. I think it is fun, but spending time with my family is the best. When I got home from school I didn’t get to spend time with my family because I had a lot of homework. Already our evenings are more relaxed. My sisters and I play more, play games with my parents, and help cook dinner. When I am involved with cooking, dessert is my focus. That is a win for all of us. My Mom is not a baker, at all.  Another Reason: During homeschool we can focus on things that interest me and learning in pajamas is so relaxing. Just last week I: Enrolled at FaceTime Theatre  Did two drop in gymnastics classes Through an App, I am learning how to play the guitar, ukulele, and do vocal training. Music is my passion!  Reason 3: Even though I am now homeschooled, it doesn’t mean that I am not going to see my friends anymore. My parents are too social for this to ever happen! For example, last week I went to my friend’s house, another friend came over to sled, and other friends from my old school stopped over for a visit on a school night. I also get to be with my friend at her house after school every week and then go to Youth Group at her church. Just because I am leaving my old school, doesn’t mean that I am never going to see my friends again. I make friends everywhere I go! Number 4: Having more time to spend quality time with important people is the best. My Granddad has Glioblastoma. Being with him and my Grammummer during the day is the best. Also, hanging out with my crazy sisters during the day is so much fun. Also, when Camryn gets home from The Timothy School, we actually get to be with her as opposed to going our separate ways to do homework. Camryn feels more included again, even though she isn’t homeschooled. My sisters are my best friends! Plus, I love spending time with my cat and dog.  Final Reason: We learn different ways and do different activities everyday. My Mom is a good teacher and always has exciting ideas. Plus, you can learn anywhere. Through field trips, podcasts, listening to books, going on virtual field trips, the sky is the limit. I should add though that my Dad is in charge of math. Wow. My Mom is the worst. Be sure to follow our home school journey. With this family, it is never boring! Here are some pictures from last week:

Proud Daughter

When my Dad received the diagnosis of brain cancer- Glioblastoma Stage IV in July it rocked our world and continues to do so everyday. This 79 year “young” man was on the roof repairing shingles and repairing the sidewalk outside of his house when this diagnosis blindsided him and all of us. Life is not easy. We will face lots of troubles on earth, but it is how you face them that determines your legacy. My Mom and Dad put cancer in its stupid place this weekend. By the looks of it, cancer knows what it can’t and won’t do to our family. Please continue to pray for all of us, especially my Mom and Dad. As believers, prayers and God’s promises are the only things that truly matter! Read more about my Dad’s journey:

The Case of the Missing Hair Ties

Where do all my hair ties go? I buy them in bulk, MONTHLY and they just seem to disappear. I often wonder if they have feet. Living in a house with 4 girls is no joke. Seriously. It is exhausting. Maybe it is the same with boys. Never mind, it isn’t the same. I was a high school teacher for 17 years. Boys were slightly easier than girls. By slightly, I actually mean extremely slightly easier. When I question them about ANYTHING they get weird looks on their faces. Just like teenage girls. I could ask them something simple like, “Did you have fun at the birthday party?” and they look at me like this: In tonight’s saga, I was merely looking for hair ties. Ironically, no one had seen a hair tie in a long time. By long time, I actually mean they acted as if they had never even heard the word before. NO ONE knew a thing about hair ties. The amount of time I waste in a week looking for hair ties is unbelievable. I find them on their wrists, in their backpacks, under their beds, all over my car and NOW in custom designed chandeliers. One would think the A would give it away, but this is the face I got when I pleaded with the guilty party and begged that she stop using my stuff for her design inspirations. It is bad enough she takes everything out of the the recycling bin to use for, “A project that won’t make a mess. Seriously!” I gave up stopping her. Prevention was causing her to hoard boxes, envelopes, and empty water bottles in the strangest places. Pray for me. Daily. Hourly. Actually, can you pray for me every minute of every day for the rest of my life? If you want to buy a custom hair tie chandelier, message me. Next up, the case of the missing sock and the Mom who refused to give up the search.


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