Victor or Victim

A lot of aspects of life change as we transition from adolescence to adulthood. The game of who is to blame seems to linger. If I allow myself to play the role of the prosecution, jury, and judge, I am being biased. Of course, I will win ‘the case’….by a landslide.

Aunt Becky: The Mischievous Elf Chronicles

This is the first year that only one Hertzog girl still believes in Santa. The three little ones know that the Big Guy is a hoax but have taken a vow of secrecy for the sake of their sister. They are now all about making Christmas even more magical for their big sister. I can’t believe it though. Where did the time go? They grow up so fast. Okay, that was so fake. I am so excited. I hated the secret. I hated hiding boxes. I hated the lies. And you know why? Santa never met their list of expectations. They had more expectations than Charles Dickens. Santa (I) wasn’t buying some of the ridiculous things they asked for. Side note: nor will I ever. They were always happy on Christmas morning, but if an almost 11-year-old has something to SAY about gifts on Christmas morning… SHE. BETTER. WATCH. OUT. I always left the Clare’s sticker on earrings or the Marshall’s tag on a clearance toy. Dave always told someone on Christmas day (in front of the girls) that he bought one of their presents at Costco. First off, he bought nothing. Seeing the gifts in trash bags on Christmas morning was just as magical for him as it was for the girls.  I do it all. Santa is all female in this house. #godrestyemerrygentleMANwhobuysonegiftforachild So, now that the magic of Christmas has shifted a bit, the girls have decided to step up the Elf on the Shelf game with their almost 15-year-old sister, Camryn. Camryn love EVERYTHING Pop Culture. One of Camryn’s favorite things to do is to look at magazines.. especially People magazine. Right now, her current event obsession is the Lori Loughlin scandal. If you are clueless about this scandal, read about it here: Basically, Camryn is obsessed about Aunt Becky going to jail. She yells “Aunt Bec” in every checkout line because Aunt Becky is on the cover of EVERY magazine. She asks about the status of Aunt Becky daily. I think she thinks we are going to visit her in the Big House. Today, our Elf on the Shelf gave Camryn a status update on Aunt Beck.

Let’s Get Blogging

Do you know when life just seems to be slightly off balanced? Things just don’t feel right? Something seems off? That is the season I am immersed in right now. I have been racking my brain to solve the puzzle. What is wrong with me? Why do I feel this way? As I was laying in bed last night, I came to the realization that something was missing. I stopped blogging. I stopped getting my thoughts and  feelings out. I have been leaving them bottled up. THAT DOES NOT WORK FOR THIS BRAIN. I let life get the best of me and stopped doing something that I enjoy. I stopped MY hobby.  I have been in such a crazy season and have totally put my self care to the side. I am too busy accommodating the needs of four people that happen to live with me. I know I’m a mom and I am supposed to accommodate their needs…to a degree. But COME ON–Moms need to take care of themselves first. PERIOD. Clearly I don’t always do the self care thing- hence my absence, but this life thing is a learning curve. I say NO MORE to the ladies that I live with. I am sitting in front of the fire right now, ignoring the madness, and taking time for myself. So, I am back and I have so many stories to tell. I have been quiet about this circus of a life for months. Of course I have a lot to say!

TEDx Talk: Living with Purpose

We all hit rock bottom. What do you do when you hit rock bottom? In March, I had the honor and privilege of being asked to give a TEDx Talk on Living with Purpose. I hope you enjoy watching my story. This was the toughest public speaking experience of my life, but one I am happy I said yes to. Thanks for watching and if you think my story can help one person, please feel free to share the video. I firmly believe our struggles shape us and can make us soar!

Coming Home with Grace, Inc.

Want to learn more about Coming Home with Grace, Inc.? Watch the video to hear our story. Please like the Coming Home with Grace, Inc. Facebook page, share this blog post and join our mission! For more information visit

Whatever Megan and Harry? Violet and Finnegan are Now Trending

Violet’s Bucket List We were devastated when Violet was diagnosed with end stage Hemangiosarcoma in February. The One Upper Everyone knows she is the nicest dog, but who knew she was such a scene stealer? I think my Dad was happy to kick Glioblastomata to the curb for a millisecond as everyone focused on Violet- Man’s Best Friend. Regrets Sometimes, there are THOSE people who have a dog and regret getting it, hate walking it, hate that it sheds and call it the wrong gender everytime. Unfortunately, I fall into the THOSE people category, but now I am Team Violet. The Royal Wedding This EPIC wedding event was a weekend that my kids will never forget. Life is all about creating lemonade moments. We have been crossing off Violet’s bucket list one by one. A couple of weekends ago we crossed off: Violet’s Royal Hotel Stay Violet’s Wedding to Finnegan (our cat) Who in their right mind would allow these two ridiculous things to even make it on a bucket list? Getting Through the Battle Over time, we have learned from experience that when you focus on bucket lists and search for lemonade moments even in the darkest daysyou can find joy. You just have to slow down and look for it. Life is all about finding happiness during the storm, making the best out of even the worst situations, and crossing things off your bucket list, or in this case your dog’s bucket list. Everyone deserves the royal treatment!! 💕 I hope you enjoy the royal wedding video above if you haven’t already. Do you have some items on your bucket list? Could you share them with me in the comments, email me or write to me on social media! If you like what you are reading, subscribe to Mom Battles so you can get the newsletter Battle Gear every week.


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