There are moments that leave an impact on your heart, negative or positive, and change you forever. For Dave and I, one kid rocked our world. Postpartum robbed us for a time. THERE ARE TWO BABIES IN THERE, left us speechless. The flu almost killed me. Psychosis put us at rock bottom. Autism changed us forever.

When Camryn was first diagnosed, I felt badly for those around me that the only thing I could focus on was Autism. How young and naive of me to feel badly? Anything that impacts a person and shakes them to the core, should be shared with everyone to raise awareness, promote action or help with the healing process. I will never stop talking about Autism (or my coma for that matter. Every once and awhile, I need to pull the coma card and not that many people can pull the coma card.)

I’ve learned if the people in my circle love me, my story will never get old. If people in my circle feel that I need to move on, I just tighten my circle. After Autism, your circles change. But what can never change are the conversations. You can’t “move on” from a diagnosis or any difficult situation. By talking to my circle, I’ve evolved. I’ve gone from a bitter, grieving, doubtful young mom to a thankful, confident, strong warrior mom. Now why would I stop talking, if talk helps with the healing process?

The best part about talking to the right people is that they have helped me change. So keep talking. Share your life with people. Find people who care and help move you in the right direction. I will never stop talking about Autism.


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  1. Nicole on July 19, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Warrior (autism) moms unite! I’m just finding your blog today and this is the first post I read.

    My PPD story includes being thrown into a prison for a week – talk about a card not many people can pull!

    I often feel guilty or self-conscious talking about my struggles, especially with my son’s autism (he is my firstborn, as well). But it helps so much to know someone else has many of the same struggles!

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