There are days when thinking about the future for Camryn can get a little scary. Through the years Camryn hasn’t made as many gains as Dave and I would like to see in her ability to care for herself. She still wears pull-ups at night, needs us to brush her teeth, brush her hair and assist with dressing. I often wonder what this will be like in 5 years, 10 years or 20 years. What will she need help with when we are no longer here to help her? When we worked with the school district to look at alternative placements for Camryn last year, we knew that she would be given the opportunity to focus more on life skills during the day at her new school. Today at Giant, I stood in awe as I watched those skills transpire before me!! As I was checking out and paying for my groceries, I looked up to make sure Camryn was still standing with the cart. She wasn’t standing with the cart. SHE WAS BAGGING MY GROCERIES!!! PERFECTLY! AND PLACING THEM IN THE CART! I couldn’t believe it! As I started cheering for her, she nonchalantly told me “This is what we do at school when we go to ACME.” Camryn Hertzog Grocery Bagger…. Sounds good to me! Just don’t let her go shopping. The picture below is what she tried to put in our cart!

Day 7 - Future Planning


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