I’ll never forget a conversation I had a few years ago. I was asked by an acquaintance how Camryn was doing. After giving my update, she looked at me and said “it could be worse.” The acquaintance at that point had no kids and all I kept thinking was I hope you never know what it is like to have a child who isn’t what you planned for.

I’ve come a long way since that comment stung, but for the record, I can’t stand it could be worse. If your child is getting in trouble at school and you are upset about it, that can be your worst. If your child didn’t get invited to a party and you’re upset, that can be your temporary worst. I almost died and by the grace of God, lived. I know it could be worse!!!!  Every person is entitled to their own worst without a comment reminding us that it could be worse.

Often times my friends will tell me something that is going on in their lives and then conclude by saying it could be worse. I always correct them and say this is your worst right now. From now on we need to stop saying this cliché to people. We need to stop making people think that their feelings aren’t valid because someone is going through something tougher. Someone will always be going through something tougher. It should be our job to lift one another up, not make them feel badly because someone else’s situation is harder. Likewise, I would never want anyone to feel that they couldn’t share their struggles with me because of our own challenges with Camryn.


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  1. Melissa on July 18, 2016 at 8:56 pm

    All I ever wanted was to have a daughter. My husband and I even went through the trouble as of counting days on the calendar to even position. When I found out she was a girl I was so excited. All kinds of events going through my head of the things we were going to do together. As she started growing into a toddler I just thought she was this shy little girl that no matter who it was, even family, she would be afraid. Then school came and things started happening like she wouldn’t be able to participate in class or even able to do her seat work. She would be punished by teachers and they would say to me what a stubborn girl she was. I finally had her tested for ADHD and anxiety and found out that she did in fact have attention deficit and a high anxiety level. Then as things continued she would give me a rough time about clothing. I mean the endless fights and screaming in the mornings about socks, underwear and pants was so exhausting. I would go to work crying from feeling awful that I had to yell or spank her because she would just fight me tooth and nail about her clothes. Come to find out she also has sensory issues. We are still struggling with this as of today. I wanted a good and healthy relationship with my daughter but lately I feel like that will never happen.

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