When Camryn was an infant, Dave and I were not regularly attending church. After Camryn’s diagnosis, we started to regularly attend a local church. For our marriage and our family, this decision to truly follow the Lord is how I can explain our ability to survive in this sometime crazy life of ours. Families with Special Needs Kids have a difficult time attending church, yet I believe are the group of people who need the support of a church family the most. There are lots of local churches that do a great job accommodating kids with Special Needs. Our decision to attended the church we attended was the best decision we have ever made and one that I believe ensured our future together.

We’ve attended three churches in those eleven years and a few years ago found a church that is a perfect fit for our entire family. The best part… Camryn loves church, she loves bible verses and she loves worship music. Who knew when Dave and I made that decision 11 years ago, we would so quickly see the light shine in Camryn? I am so thankful that for the rest of her life Camryn will have a place where she can go every Sunday and feel welcomed and truly included.

The other benefit is that she is getting so much out of her weekly experience. As she has gotten older, she has even served with us in the Nursery or helped to hand out programs at the door. Sometimes we make decisions and never realize how they will truly impact us. I am a different person because of the decision Dave and I made one Sunday eleven years ago. I am so thankful for that decision. I am never looking back. My walk with the Lord has turned into a true relationship. If you are looking for a church or want to give it a try, message me. Dave and I would love to have you join us!!!


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