Dave and I knew early on that Camryn was not developing appropriately. It feels like yesterday, yet so far away. It was a punch, but we came out as prize fighters. And fighters we are. But the key to this story is that we didn’t deny or delay.

If you have a feeling that your baby isn’t reaching milestones, contact Early Intervention. If a teacher in Preschool mentions some red flags, have your child evaluated. If your child’s teacher is noticing that something isn’t quite right, don’t ignore what they are saying.

Rarely are those aforementioned people going to tell you what they are REALLY thinking. They can’t or it is beyond the scope of their job.

If someone is telling you something, YOU handle it. Don’t leave it to the school, don’t blame the school, don’t blame yourself. If you are always blaming yourself or other people you will NEVER get to the root of the problem and the ultimate goal, to help your child.

I am not to blame for Camryn’s disability, but I can’t imagine how different her life would be if I didn’t listen to my gut. And for the record my pediatrician dismissed my gut feeling. Things really started happening when we saw specialists and therapists.

And if your husband or wife isn’t on the same page, then they are going to have to stop reading the book for a little and catch up when they are ready.

Don’t dismiss what people are saying.
Go after finding out what is going on, what you can do and start getting after it.
Things aren’t going to just get better. The only way your child is going to get help is if you tackle it head on. Unfortunately in a lot of cases, things don’t just disappear. If only it were that easy!

You may not like what you hear at first, but you will love how far your child will come when you stop blaming, start advocating and start watching your child amaze you!

If this posts speaks to you, do something about it. Get your child what they need.



  1. Emily James on April 22, 2017 at 1:28 am

    This post was exactly what I needed to hear in this very moment! Your family is an inspiration(and not just because I’m biased and you were one of my absolute favs :))! As a mom of now two boys with sensory issues and then some, I sincerely thank you for literally every word you have ever shared and I look forward to reading your blog posts!! ❤️

  2. Kristi on April 23, 2017 at 10:47 am

    You will always be one of my favorites too! I am so glad you enjoy my blog!! ❤️

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