We live in a society where cursing is socially acceptable in many situations.

You’re with your friends telling a funny story, you curse. You are angry about a situation, you curse. You drop something, you curse. You get cut off in traffic, you curse. You watch movies, you hear cursing. You are at work complaining with your co-workers about something, you curse.

But do you curse when presenting to a room full of business professionals? If you are a teacher, do you curse in your classroom? Do you curse when meeting your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s parents for the first time?


As a high school English teacher for 17 years, the F-Bomb has never slipped while I have been instructing a room full of students despite me having to put up with hearing it and maybe having it said directly to me. When I have become so frustrated with my own kids, I have never cursed. I have thought some not so nice words, but have held my tongue. And we all know that there are times that parenting could totally make a person go off on their kids. It is SO hard at times!!

Everyone has different opinions in the things that happen in their own homes, but I don’t find it fair if you are the reason kids learn shit, asshole or fuck on the playground.

Why would you want your kid to teach other kids those words? Kids have it hard enough. Do you really want them to have the reputation of being the foul mouthed little punk on the school bus?

Unfortunately when your kids use words like this they are judged by adults and that could give your child and your family a negative reputation.

As fair as this may not be, it could possibly be true. I know that some parents teach their kids that they can only use curse words in certain settings, but I would have to argue that message can be very unclear. Can a 6 year old truly differentiate between what is an appropriate and inappropriate setting?

Trust me, I understand that kids don’t learn to curse 100% of the time from parents, but can we agree it is a strong 50%?

My colleagues and I are saddened by the way teenagers talk today. Don’t feed into this in your home from an early age. And trust me, if I did curse in my classroom everyone and their mother would be up in arms that I did this. Would some of the angry parents be parents that curse in front of their OWN kids? Possibly.

Maybe you feel it is JUST a word, but it isn’t. It is teaching small children that it is a way to get a laugh, a way to make them cool or to look tough, but we all know cursing doesn’t make you cool or tough. Actually, it is quite the opposite.

In the past few months I have talked to over 50 people about this topic and 40 agreed that when they are in the presence of people who curse in front of their kids it makes them uncomfortable and makes them uncomfortable to have their kids in the presence of the families.

The other 10 people told me to Shut the F Up.

Is this me being judgmental? So be it. I didn’t learn curse words because of my Mom or Dad and I am thankful for that. The playground and bus gave me that education and I may have educated some people along the way. Looking back I am not proud of that.

And yes, I turned out fine, but as an educator and parent my perspective has changed. At the elementary level a cursing child can cause a firestorm in a school. Is that fair for any child, teacher or administrator?

Let’s teach our kids other adjectives to describe their feelings. We all want to live in an accepting and peaceful world and language like this does not promote peace, nor does it make your child fairly accepted.

We also live in a social media society where we claim that we want them to stay little, or we can’t believe they are growing up so quickly, yet we are teaching them words that unfortunately are considered adult words. You can’t have it both ways, can you?

I promise I will never curse in front of my kids or any other kids. Can you make the same promise? We all “want” them to stay little, but these words are teaching them that they are grown.

Of course there are things that adults can do that kids can’t. We can vote, drink, drive, work, but language is shaping their little minds and has more influence than them watching me cart them around to softball practice as they sit in the back seat. They never ask why I can drive and they can’t.

And speaking of that, would you not be upset if the coach at the ballfield was cursing from the dugout at the kids? Does that teach kids what the famous little league sign hung all over ballfields stands for?

Because of cursing becoming socially acceptable in homes, by the time they enter the buildings of middle schools and high schools, they litter the hallways, cafeteria and even classrooms with this language that makes them sound completely uneducated and the teachers are disgusted.

Take a stance against this in your own home. Have conversations that these words are not words that kids or adults should be using and most importantly let’s let them be little as most claim we want them to be.

If you disagree, feel free to curse me out the next time you see me, but make sure my kids aren’t within earshot.



  1. Michelle Altemus on July 2, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Great story! It makes me think of where it started. For me the bus and school! I was shocked when my children knew words that I never uttered. They went to Catholic school! My daughter has a mouth and forgets that her daughter can hear miles away. My daughter’s response is always “sorry”. That will not cut it in school if my granddaughter lets a word fly in her Catholic school!

  2. Kristi on July 2, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    I am happy to read you agree with this!

  3. Gail on July 3, 2017 at 8:17 am

    The language used today is awful. And the lack of respect in regards to who is around when they let curse words fly out of their mouths is unacceptable. As the mother of a D1 athlete, I have heard the girls (yes young woman) called horrible things. “Don’t Be That Person” or help to make any kid “that kid”

  4. Kristi on July 4, 2017 at 3:48 am

    It drives me crazy!!

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