Three years ago Brynlee and I met a man on an airplane. Bryn and I sat next to him and she talked/sang his ear off during our 2 hour flight. 🙂 Camryn and Dave were across the aisle from us and the man noticed the difficulty Camryn was having on the airplane. We started talking and he mentioned that he volunteered at a camp for children with Autism, Dragonfly Forest. When the plane landed, he gave me his business card and we went our separate ways.

In case you don’t know this, I am the type of Mom where something, someone, or somewhere is mentioned that can help Camryn, I AM ON IT and Dave sits backs and just lets me work my mama bear magic!! Naturally then, I researched the camp during the ride to the resort and had her application in by the end of vacation.

What the man failed to mention was that he was on the Board of Directors for Dragonfly Forest! I often feel like I have divine interventions and this was one of them. This humble man has proven to be an angel to our family. Needless to say, Camryn was accepted and is returning for her third summer in 107 days!! Tonight, Camryn received a plaque in the mail that named her The Top Family Fundraiser for the Make Your Move Dance Marathon.

Thanks to all of our friends and family who helped to make this possible. This camp has been such a blessing. It gives her a week to experience summer camp and Dragonfly truly has become her place to soar.

Day 6


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