When we switched to The Timothy School, Dave and I knew that it would be in our best interest to send Camryn to Extended School Year. ESY is school during the month of July and two weeks in August. It was heartbreaking for us to make the decision to send her.

Let me explain… ESY is great and I think that any parent that sends their child is doing them a great service. Kids with disabilities tend to regress over the summer, need the daily routine that ESY provides, and for the parents of these kids, ESY offers a safer alternative to a local summer camp.

ESY is fun. It isn’t school. The kids go on trips, they go swimming… BUT, it isn’t MY house. We can have fun, we can go on trips, we can swim and I’m A teacher. I can work on her educational goals. But, truth be told, it is time for Camryn to go to ESY.

Each summer, it is getting harder and harder to keep her happy and occupied. So, a part of me will go with her each summer on the van as she attends ESY. I vow not to be upset. I vow to not feel guilty that the other girls will have carefree summers at home with their Mom. I vow to live by the truth that different doesn’t mean bad, it just means it isn’t what I had planned. I vow to be thankful for the 10 great summers I had with Camryn and use those memories to help me cherish my time with Brynlee, Aubrey and Courtney.

I am only home for 2 months with my kids, so to my stay-at-home friends, I can only imagine how hard it must be to even TRY to enjoy every moment each day. Eventually the other girls will have friends, activities and jobs over the summer, but this summer I am holding on tight to my summer days with my kids. I am so blessed to be a teacher and have this time off and it is okay that I have to allow others to step in and help with Camryn. I am so thankful that there are experts who work so well with her and love her so much!!


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