One of the first diagnosis we received for Camryn was a gross motor delay. At 6 months, she wasn’t rolling over. At 11 months she wasn’t sitting up on her own. At 22 months she wasn’t walking. She couldn’t pull to stand from a sitting position well into her second year. When Cam finally did begin walking her gait was very unsteady. She fell, like all toddlers do so many times. Unlike most toddlers, she never learned how to break her fall by putting out her hands. Her falls would leave us feeling so defeated. During our first visit to Sesame Place, she fell during our arrival through the gates of the park. We spent a good part of our visit in first aid. During a visit to Chocolate World, she fell and ended up in first aid again. A fall at the King of Prussia Mall was so bad we felt the floor shake when she hit the ground. During an Easter Egg hunt, Camryn fell at the very beginning and was bleeding so badly from her face. I was hurting for her, but more so as I watched the typical kids doing typical kid things. To this day, I don’t enjoy Easter Egg hunts. We’ve gone to Urgent Care and the ER because of falls at school. Just last night, Camryn fell in the hallway over her own two feet. We worry about Camryn’s safety. Sometimes her struggles in this area are glaring to us. The part that always amazes me is that after a fall she just keeps on going. Kids with special needs have strength and perseverance that pales in comparison to my own. Just observe how they keep on going after a fall, a setback or any struggle. I often think of Camryn and kids like Camryn during my own struggles and hope you will too.


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