Brynlee (9) is a guest blogger this week. For her writing assignment, she has been writing, revising, and editing so she could write her own blog!

Homeschooling? I never even heard the word. I didn’t know it was an option. I thought my Mom was kidding. Have you met my Mom? She jokes around a lot and is somewhat sarcastic. But after just one week, I really like it.

Crazy Mom

Aubrey, Courtney and I were all given a choice. We had to go in separate rooms and make Pro/Con lists for each scenario: stay in school or be homeschooled. We all chose homeschooling, but my parents made it clear that this can be a temporary decision. In the summer, we will revisit our decisions individually.

And then, the adventure began!

Classroom Shopping

Here are my top five things I like so far about being homeschooled.


I like learning, a lot. I think it is fun, but spending time with my family is the best. When I got home from school I didn’t get to spend time with my family because I had a lot of homework. Already our evenings are more relaxed. My sisters and I play more, play games with my parents, and help cook dinner. When I am involved with cooking, dessert is my focus. That is a win for all of us. My Mom is not a baker, at all. 

Result of Awful Baking

Another Reason:

During homeschool we can focus on things that interest me and learning in pajamas is so relaxing. Just last week I:

  • Enrolled at FaceTime Theatre 
  • Did two drop in gymnastics classes
  • Through an App, I am learning how to play the guitar, ukulele, and do vocal training. Music is my passion! 

Reason 3:

Even though I am now homeschooled, it doesn’t mean that I am not going to see my friends anymore. My parents are too social for this to ever happen! For example, last week I went to my friend’s house, another friend came over to sled, and other friends from my old school stopped over for a visit on a school night. I also get to be with my friend at her house after school every week and then go to Youth Group at her church. Just because I am leaving my old school, doesn’t mean that I am never going to see my friends again. I make friends everywhere I go!

Number 4:

Having more time to spend quality time with important people is the best. My Granddad has Glioblastoma. Being with him and my Grammummer during the day is the best. Also, hanging out with my crazy sisters during the day is so much fun. Also, when Camryn gets home from The Timothy School, we actually get to be with her as opposed to going our separate ways to do homework. Camryn feels more included again, even though she isn’t homeschooled. My sisters are my best friends! Plus, I love spending time with my cat and dog. 

Final Reason:

We learn different ways and do different activities everyday. My Mom is a good teacher and always has exciting ideas. Plus, you can learn anywhere. Through field trips, podcasts, listening to books, going on virtual field trips, the sky is the limit. I should add though that my Dad is in charge of math. Wow. My Mom is the worst.

Be sure to follow our home school journey. With this family, it is never boring! Here are some pictures from last week:

Lunch After Chop with Camryn

Compound Words and Spelling Practice
Parts of Speech
Making a Part of Speech Collage


  1. Kirstin Colloton on February 5, 2019 at 9:47 pm

    What an incredible top five list! You revealed so much about yourself, your motivations, and your family in such a short list. Your voice comes through loud and clear and truly reflects how positively charged you are to be on this new journey with your sisters and family. Keep it going. I’ll look forward to another guest blog from you!

  2. Heather Cavey on February 6, 2019 at 7:01 am

    This is fascinating! I love it. Your girls are soooo happy. Enjoy the journey.

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