I have been alive for 13403 days and today may be up there as one of the best days ever. Today, WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT… we hung out with Camryn’s FRIEND. And after spending 3 hours with Mckenzie and Camryn, I would compare their relationship to peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly or any other two things that just go well together.

Camryn has talked more about Mckenzie in her two months at The Timothy School than any peer she has ever come in contact with. I nearly fell off my chair two weeks ago when Brynlee asked Camryn who her friends were at Limerick Elementary. Camryn happily answered, “I didn’t really have friends at my old school, but I have a friend at my new school and her name is Mckenzie.” PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!

Today Mckenzie and Camryn had the opportunity to show off their artwork at the Wayne Art Center. As soon as we walked in, Mckenzie was overjoyed to see Camryn and the feeling was mutual. Like any other 10 year old girls they giggle, follow each other around and share common interests. They both love food, Barney, swimming, music, school, Jesus, Disney World and each other. We played outside after the art show and watched in amazement as they played tag.

Brynlee noted how Camryn’s friend is just like her. She looked at me with a dead serious face and said, “Mom, they both ask questions they already know the answer to” in response to Mckenzie asking where Camryn was despite Camryn standing right in front of her.

When we left the impromptu play date I was just so overwhelmed with pure joy. My sweet, adorable, quirky, fun kid met her match. Here’s to many more years of friendship with Mckenzie and her family!!


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