Camryn, our 14 year old amazing daughter with Autism, an Intellectual Disability, Motor Delays, and ADHD is the hardest working teenager I know. Everything is a challenge for her, but she gets through the tasks presented to her. I often think that we all need to channel our inner Camryn! She does everything without arguing and her complaints end up making everyone laugh, including Camryn!!

Last year Camryn and her beloved therapist Hannah created a post about Camryn’s therapy schedule and the techniques incorporated to work on life skills after a demanding day at school. I attached the original blog post at the bottom of this post. PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT!

Camryn loves Duff, Adam Joseph, Rick Williams, and of course, Michael Strahan. We hear about them All OF THE TIME and see their pictures throughout our house! We are so thankful that this inspirational group of people are her chosen celebrity idols. She definitely is a great judge of character!

When you have a child with a disability you are always looking for the next toy, book, gadget, or app that will motivate them to tackle the goals in their 60 (or more) page IEP. We are so grateful that pictures of her favorite celebrities and talking about her celebrity “entourage” continues to motivate her and bring her joy.

BUT…We have an “issue” that Camryn’s sisters couldn’t help but notice and they felt compelled to get this message to Michael.

Where is Michael Strahan? He is the only person who hasn’t responded to Camryn. Adam Joseph wrote to Camryn on Facebook, and Tweeted Michael and Rick to share Camryn’s story. Rick Tweeted back. Also, we had two dates scheduled to meet Duff in LA, but unfortunately Duff’s schedule was too crazy. Camryn was very understanding. He did Snapchat her and Charm City Cakes sent awesome swag!

Her sisters have now upped their game AND CAMRYN HAS NO IDEA. Check out THEIR idea that they executed with the help of my friend Cheldin.

The girls think (and I couldn’t help but support their dream) that Michael Strahan must have SOME connections with the Mouse himself. April is Autism Awareness Month and the girls think it would be a great time for ABC, Good Morning America, Disney, and Michael Strahan to Light It Up #BLUETIFUL with a magical visit to Walt Disney World for Camryn and her entire family. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT WITH MY THREE FUTURE LEADERS WHO WILL DO ANYTHING FOR THIER SISTER. THEY ARE ALREADY PROVING THAT WOMEN ARE LEADERS, RISKS ARE WORTH IT, AND ADVOCATING FOR OTHERS IS SHOWING THAT JESUS IS WORKING IN THEIR LIVES.

Since July, Camryn has been quietly suffering with worry due to her beloved Granddad’s diagnosis of Stage IV Glioblastoma. Since he turns 80 on March 29th it would be the best place to celebrate life with Granddad too!!

Recently, her Home Companion Dog from Canine Partners for Life , Violet was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma that quickly metastasized to her lungs. The cancer is unfortunately inoperable.

We have SO MUCH to be thankful for, but this could help to bring some joy where it is needed most. She brings SO MUCH JOY TO EVERYONE WHO MEETS HER and things have been a little heavy around here.

We live a blessed life, but the girls think Disney, ABC, GMA, and Michael Strahan can make Camryn’s dream come true. Camryn and her entire family will spread Autism Awareness throughout Disney. This trip can’t take any of her daily struggles away, but it would be the ultimate reward for an amazing teenager who deserves this and so much more.

Michael, we will even come meet you and all of your friends on Good Morning America!



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