14 Years!!

Dave and I are officially married for 14 years. My mind is engulfed with 14 years of memories. Every married couple has a narrative that makes them unique and I love those stories.

I had a feeling when Dave and I first started dating that he was the one. I remember talking incessantly to all of my girlfriends, analyzing if “this was it” even though we were young. I lived a a shore house in Sea Isle with 9 girls at the time and most of our discussions entailed if having a boyfriend during the summer was the right time to have a boyfriend, where we were going that night, what cute boys were going to be there, and where we should order pizza from late night . At the time, those choices were big deals.

I knew though that at 22 years old, he was a quality guy and spending the rest of my life with him would be so valuable. When you are dating there is no indication that over the course of a marriage how many ups, downs, twists and turns there will be.

When we said our vows we didn’t realize how over the years we would become the best of friends. We made a promise to love each other that day and forever. We didn’t realize how together we would build such an incredible future. We didn’t realize how many times we would be filled with fear and grief. We didn’t realize how many tears we would cry because of sadness and joy. We really didn’t realize that we would be blessed with four amazing girls. We didn’t realize the strength we would need to get us through unthinkable hardships.

During the moments of looking into Dave’s eyes and hearing his comforting words amid so many times of despair, fills me with peace that as we uphold our vows we will be able to, by the grace of God stand united and secure.

Today we will honor the life we created, the gift that we were granted of survival and the girls who have added endless joy to our hearts.


Jesus helps this mess!

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