• The following is an email that Camryn’s therapist sent to Duff from Kids Baking Championship and The Food Network last year. Camryn asks everyday when we are meeting Duff! She is turning 14 in February. She thought she was going to meet him for her 13th birthday and has patiently waited a year. I think it is time! Camryn is the best and deserves it more than anyone I know!!

Hi Duff!

My name is Hannah and I am a behavioral therapist. I work with Camryn, who is a young girl with autism. We work together a few nights during the week at Camryn’s home, working on basic life skills. During therapy we focus on skills like cooking dinner, folding laundry, even brushing our teeth. These tasks come so easily to us, but are difficult for Camryn. She works so much harder to do certain things compared to her peers.


Camryn has always been a huge fan of yours. She loves watching Kids Baking Championship and honestly, any show that your face is on. Recently, we started using pictures to make it through more challenging activities. She asked me to print some of her favorite things like the Muppets, Moana, her grandparents, and you. You are in the bottom right corner, but we have four other laminated pictures of you that we use!!

Cam Brushing Teeth resized

If we are not looking at pictures of you during our session, we are watching clips of your show, searching for more pictures of you on the Internet, always talking about you and the funny things you’ve said before. We are calling you our BOYFRIEND (this may be coming off stalker-y but trust me, it comes from a good place). We practiced handwriting a letter to you and put it in the mail today.

Duff Letter pg.1.2Duff Letter pg.2.2

Here she is putting your letter in the mail.

Here, you are on the tv AND she’s watching you on her iPad at the same time!!

You have impacted Camryn tremendously and it shows in her social skills, her motivation to follow work demands, her love for cooking, and so much more.

Camryn has a sparkling personality, a charming smile and is the funniest girl I know. I would love for her to be rewarded for all of her hard work and be able to meet you.
As I mentioned before, we wrote you a letter (in which she asked if you had a girlfriend; she is 12 years old so if you do have one, tell her not to worry). I tweeted you a picture showing her writing out the envelope. We are from Pennsylvania and would be thrilled if we could meet you at Charm City Cakes, at The Food Network, or on the side of the road, ANYWHERE at this point.

Please help me make this little girl’s dream come true!! And if you see Valerie Bertinelli, tell her she has a letter coming her way too!

I hope to hear from you soon!
Thank you!!!!

Hannah Smith



  1. Addie McCabe on June 11, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Cammy, I hope you get to meet your friend, Duffy!

  2. Kristi on June 12, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Thanks!! We do too!!

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