I have been very fortunate to have a great support system. Not every Mom has that. Here is my wish list for all the moms out there who have a child with Special Needs.

  1. Call/text and check in. Ask them how they are doing. Don’t always wait for them to call you. I love when people call to check in on how Camryn is doing. It means so much to me that people are checking in so they can continue to pray for her!!
  2. Offer to help. Just offer! In anyway. Oh and don’t expect anything in return. If you help and then are mad because you don’t get help back, you stink. True helping is just helping.  Help with something in return is a loan of services.
  3. Invite Special Needs Kids to your kid’s birthday party. It is so nice to have family and friends who include Camryn. Camryn attended public school for 4 years and she was NEVER invited to a party. Crazy, right?
  4. Don’t be upset if early on they don’t come to your kid’s party. Gymboree was a hard pill to swallow early on. If your child is not reaching developmental milestones, a birthday party can be a very tough place.
  5. Pray for them! Prayers work. I believe in the power of prayer. I truly believe I owe it all to the LORD. So please keep praying!
  6. Don’t ever think that they are too busy to care about you. Anyone that knows me well knows that I hate the word busy. I have four kids, a full-time job, a cat, dog and an ample amount of free time. Busy should be a synonym for breathing. We are all doing it so that can no longer be an excuse. Sometimes though there were times that I distanced myself because my own home, with my own family felt safe and that is okay!!
  7. Help save their marriage. Marriage is SO hard. When you have a child with Special Needs it is harder. Offer to babysit so they can escape for a little bit and remember why they fell in love in the first place.
  8. I want every Mom to know that they are stronger than they think they are! You can and will do this! It will be harder than anything you have ever done, but you will be a kick butt advocate and fight harder than you ever have in your life.



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  1. Diane Karchner on July 18, 2016 at 1:43 pm

    Kristi – thanks for posting this. I have no experience in training, or in life, with special needs families, so this gives me some confidence in reaching out with making things uncomfortable, or worse! I cannot imagine what mommy-hurts must come with this role God has given you. #5 is on my list with you at the top!

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