I love when my kids get GREAT ideas. They always involve singing, food challenges, cooking disasters AND me! Great ideas. Last week they wanted to do a Lemonade Stand at 9:00 on a Sunday night. I tried to explain target market, which distracted Brynlee and led to Aubrey putting her shoes on and Courtney exclaiming, “We’re going to Target!”

Today, as soon as they got home from school they stayed outside to play with their friends. They decided that they were going to go door to-door and ask people to pay them to rake the 13 leaves in their yards.


1. We have an association and they rake for us or Dave rakes, no clue, wasn’t me. The last time I raked, I got stung by a bee, blamed my Dad, and then fooled around the entire time performing dramatic interpretations of my pretend allergic reaction to bees.

2. Courtney hates walking. She isn’t going to rake. Aubrey will quit quickly if the leaves aren’t something ridiculous like… all red, or all the same shape. This is real life. I can’t make her up. Camryn will hear walk and rake….. and sit with me.

3. I get nervous about them walking door-to-door. Unfortunately, we live in a world where this is a realistic fear.


They advertised the benefits and concluded with a perfect call to action. They were going to give the money to a nonprofit that is very special to us. It was a beautiful night, so my neighbor and I decided that they could go.

We explained to them that they could only go where we could see them. We then explained that they were not allowed to go inside anyone’s house. We then role played:

Aubrey, what do you do if someone says come in?

I say, I am staying outside!!!!!!!!!

We remind them again to “Stay. TO-GETH-HER” and off they went.

Neighbor number one opens the door, invites them in, and all 5 of them go inside with their rakes and CVS bags (literallly, it is the only place I shop) in their hands as the door shuts behind them after the 5 bodies enter the home.

It has a happy ending. They went to a few houses and made $37. We 💕our neighbors. I can’t wait to mail the check and share the nice part of the story. But seriously, these kids need to watch the Adam Walsh story tomorrow on Netflix. That movie changed my life. It made me stop playing in the shopping racks  to get my mom mad.

Here they are with actual trash bags. Posing! I can’t. They make me crack up. #superheros #powers #rake #trashbag






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