Lifeguard on Duty?

We arrived in Ohio yesterday and went right to the hotel pool. The kiddie pool was filled with sprinklers, a splash area, slides, tons of kids and a TEENAGE LIFEGUARD ON HIS PHONE.

We observed for a little, but then the high school teacher in me, who happens to hate kids  on phones and drowning kids walked over to him gently and had this amazing conversation.

Me: Umm, I don’t mean to be a jerk, but you need to get off your phone.

Him: I am just really tired and it is keeping me awake.

Me: (Wide awake Mom of Four) But you are supposed to be watching.

Him: I have been sitting here all day.

Me: It is your job that you get paid for. You can look at your phone later. You are now going to watch to make sure the kids don’t die.

Him: (Dirty look) Okay. Sorry.

Me: If my kid drowns you will ruin my vacation and I will drown you in the deep end.



Jesus helps this mess!

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