Here is an update of the progress I made yesterday in pictures:

***As I worked, I kept a running list of things I need to buy to finish the bathroom.

*** If there was something in the bathroom that belonged in another room, I moved it to my bedroom. Since I am next doing my room and closet next, I figured I could deal with it then. 

***I threw out three bags of trash and filled a shopping bag for Goodwill from just our Master Bathroom. 

These were things that worked for me.

1. I took everything out of every drawer and cabinet. As overwhelming as it was, it was easy to sort through everything.  I was also able to clean each empty drawer and cabinet.

2. I bought all new towels and parted with ones that I should have divorced years ago. Some will move to another bathroom, some will go with Dave to work.

3. I looked at every expiration date on all medicines and trashed everything that had expired. I made a list of  medications that are good to have.

4. Our thermometer doesn’t work well. I put it in a bag for Goodwill. Another item on my list of things to buy tomorrow.

5. Dave and I both need travel bags for toiletries/cosmetics. I put the ones I received as gifts at my wedding shower in the Goodwill bag.

6. I need to buy a shower organization basket for the girls to use in the shower.

7. I could replace our bathroom rugs. When I wash them, they look great for a day, but we’vd had them for two years.

8. To get the job done organizing items, I used junky containers from my kitchen. I may replace them with nicer ones.

9. I cleaned all my makeup and hair brushes. I also cleaned headbands. I need to buy hair bands and other hair products that tend to disappear,

10. I either need to use a Magic Eraser 🙏or touch up some paint on some so spots due to horrible children. 😳

For some people, maybe it isn’t a big deal that I organized my bathroom.

For me, when things in my house start to “get like this” I can’t take it lightly. In the past, this was a sign that PTSD was lurking. Dave is the perfect caregiver still, 8 years later. He knows I am not on my “A Game”, he listens to my “Don’t Call It a Comeback” plan, but now steps back in relief knowing that this is normal.

All moms get like this. We all have messy closets. We don’t need to worry about it, but should take action if it is attributing to  our overall mental health.

One room at a time! Do it for you family.

Mom Battles: Do you think that kids are negatively effected  if they live in a messy house?


Do you think that order and organization is too rigid and could have a n equally negative effect? 

If you too struggle with this organization,  please share your stories!!

Next up… My closet. At least that is what this is supposed to be.

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Judge or join!! 



  1. Kellyann Mitchell on November 29, 2018 at 6:48 am

    Organization is everything to me. I live by the rule, “outer order creates inner calm”. A messy house jacks up my anxiety for sure!

  2. Kristi Hertzog on November 29, 2018 at 10:33 pm


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