I want to preface this by saying that I am beyond blessed for the milestones that ALL of my kids reach, but wanted to also share my perspective of milestones. Milestones are different when you have a child with Special Needs.

First, I wasn’t worried that Aubrey and Courtney weren’t potty trained until well into their 4th year of life. I was slightly annoyed. Now that I reflect on this season of life from four years ago, they tortured us, but IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! Also, they never stepped foot into a classroom yet and are quite possibly not going to PREK next year. I wasn’t worried that Brynlee didn’t know all of her letters or the sounds that they made prior to entering Kindergarten. You see, when you have a child with Special Needs, during the prime milestone years, the lack of milestones are magnified. Eventually, you stop referring to milestones as such and start referring to them as victories. Potty training, school…even being “forced” to send her for a couple of weeks in the summer for socialization when I didn’t want to send her because I was finally home for the summer, a couple of different PREK’s, letters and letter sounds were so discussed, analyzed, researched in our home and such a constant worry during Camryn’s early years. It is so nice to just relax a little with the other three.

I don’t know what it is like to just have “typical” kids, but I do know what it is like to have both.

Special needs moms, stop worrying. It is amazing how the plan unfolds for your child very similarly to their development, slow and steady. Their milestones will be marathon-stones!!

Typical moms, stop worrying. We were blessed by birth order in our family. Camryn has made me sit back and just ENJOY the other girls and not compare them to other kids that I read about it books or on Facebook.

By the way, there are NO books or websites that I found that can prepare you for dealing with your own kids anyway…except the Bible. 🙂 And the kids on Facebook, aren’t always as great as they appear in pictures. For example, I only post my BEST kids pictures. You should see that millions I take before getting the “perfect” picture…. Aubrey stop licking Courtney!!!!! I am not stressed about their development, behaviors, etc… How can I be? I used up all the stress in the early years of Cam because of the fear that I had. With all due respect, that fear was more valid then Brynlee’s current sight word count.

So Moms do yourself a favor, stop the MOMetition and just enjoy what God gave you. It took me years to get to this, but man do I feel a lot better now than I did then.

PS—I’ll repost this with a new perspective during the teenage years with the three amigos. I think I will be one big ball of stress during this time, but for now I will live in the moment.


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