These past few weeks have been very difficult with Camryn. I feel like something is missing academically and with her adaptive skills. Whenever I get to this point with Cam, I go into action mode.
Earlier this week, Camryn’s teacher sent home a progress report that shared that she was reading on a first grade half-year level. I was happy at first and then felt  badly about it. Camryn is supposed to be in 6th grade. The gap has clearly widened. Sometimes I roll with it, sometimes I feel the punch. I felt it!
I have met with the district, researched reading programs, reached out to different agencies, but was very upset about it on Friday morning.
I ambiguously shared my feelings with Dave on Friday morning, but was too upset on the inside to really talk about it. As I was leaving for work he said what I wrote on the post it note above. I cried the entire way to work. I was overwhelmed by his love and support. Dave trusts me 100% to make the right decisions for Cam. But I just knew by the way he was saying it, that he knew it was a God thing and we needed to lean on him.
When I got to work, I wrote those words he said and stuck them to my desk as a reminder to focus on Dave’s positive outlook.
Around 11 on Friday morning, I received a phone call from an agency that is going to start providing services for Cam.
We can either go to their clinic or receive services at home. I shared that going to the clinic would be very difficult for our family, but we would make it work.
The voice on the other end told me the services could come to our house and if we choose that option, the therapy is 100% covered by insurance.
In July our insurance changed to Aetna. This agency that will be providing services is out of network with my previous insurance that I have had for the past 16 years.
God is so good. This is a result of prayers and when it got to difficult for me, Dave stepped up and put his trust in God.
Because of prayer and perseverance, we are opening a new chapter for Camryn and that fills me with such a joy.
When I called Dave, I could barely get the words out. I didn’t need to, he helped to fill in the blanks.
The system is so hard to navigate, but I have always trusted that the Lord will do exactly what Dave said he would do, provide for Camryn.
Please send us prayers, blessings and love as we begin this new chapter.



  1. Lisa Waters on November 5, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    Kristi and Dave! Sending you prayers and blessings! Camryn will always be the best she can be, at everything she tries, because she has her family in her corner! She will reach her personal bests and go a bit further! Love, happiness and her huge smile, beat out any reading level a child could reach! Just know, you are doing a great job at being great Parents! After all my years in education, I can confidently say, that a reading level is just that and although we may like it to be higher, I am much more proud of my students who grow socially and gracefully into their futures, those that care for others, lend a helping hand, appreciate the little things and work their hardest to their potential and never give up. Camryn will blossom in many ways over the years and she will be the best at what she is best at! Watch the love and magic unfold!

    My love to The Hertzog Family! You are a team that cannot be stopped, because you stick together!


  2. doti on November 6, 2016 at 8:10 am

    So proud that you keep trusting God
    He is always with you p

  3. Kellyann Mitchell on November 6, 2016 at 9:25 am

    Wonderful news! I love when God uses those around us to speak truth. I am so happy to hear that Cam is starting a new chapter & I can’t wait for you to share her progress.

  4. Donna steinman on November 6, 2016 at 11:01 am

    Kristi, I so much remember you asking me to read the first evaluation camryn had and the many questions you had that were unanswered at that time.. Professionally, I could not predict because she was so young but I did know you were about to embark on a journey that would be fearful and challenging. Forget levels.. They only hurt and tell you want she can’t do. As an individual who dedicated my like to children with differing abilities I always focused on what my students could do and gave them lots of love and confidence as they grew both academically and socially. She is blessed to have you and Dave as parents , as it’s obvious you are seeking and providing her with all the opportunities to be the best she can be. . God picked you to be her mom and he knew what he was doing. Despite the frustrations and fears you live with raising a child with autism.. She is a little girl who needs the same love and hugs as all other little girls.and I know there is no lack ok that. In our big high school you always stood out as a special , compassionate teacher.. I was always warmed how you opened your heart and classroom to all students. Kristi, my prayers are with you always and I know that Camryn will be the best she can with you in her corner. By the way, I love your blogs.. They are so real and inspiring. God bless you and your beautiful family..

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