imageSince a very young age, bath time has been a very difficult time for Camryn. She hates to get her hair washed and brushed and she hates the acoustics in the bathroom. Through the years we have made adjustments. A shower is easier than a tub. The faster we move the better. Her sisters cannot be in the bathroom or in her room during the shower. Newsflash, they add to the sensory overload. ? She is so much bigger now and almost as tall as I am that it is easier for me to shower with her. If I do, our floor stays dryer and my voice when trying to promptĀ her doesn’t seem to irritate her as much. I know my voice can be a little
irritating!! This weekend was a game changer in our house for Camryn that made Camryn and I so happy. On Saturday Cam was able to shower in our new “Autism” shower as I lovingly refer to it to Dave. Camryn can sit on the bench and take a break, move around freely without the risk of falling out, and I can wash her with a handheld shower wand. The speakers in the bathroom can play her favorite music as she showers. Camryn told me in the new shower she can’t hear the kids. Moving forward, a very stressful time in our house will now be almost spa like. And it is such a bonus that we can’t hear the kids!!


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