Network Marketing, Oh Network Marketing

Now before you all start to hate on me let me make a few disclaimers…
  1. Network Marketing- I sold a program and on social media posted about the product.
  2. Many people involved in network marketing are my friends and I get the positives. You are your own boss, make all the rules, control how much you want to work, see your kids more, take your family on great vacations, get out of debt, etc…There is no need to share the positives with me here. I already read 1,000,000 times all the “reasons” via the copious posts. This is my turn to share how I feel.
  3. Sorry, not sorry if I offend you. It is a choice to become offended. These posts don’t offend me, they annoy me…different. If I annoy you, let’s call it even.
  4. Here is what annoys me….

  1. Face creams…. They stress me out. I have wrinkles. My dermatologist told me I have wrinkles. She also told me the only way to get rid of them is through Botox. Sure I saw the pictures, I see the results, but come on.
  2. The rank advancement announcements. People get more credit for their advancements in network marketing than military personnel.
  3. I was on a feeding tube for months and after awhile my shake lost it’s luster.
  4. The posts about how much money you are making? Do you see anyone else in the world who isn’t involved in network marketing posting their pay stubs. Could you imagine if every other Friday, I took a picture with my pay-stub?

***Disclaimer, when I wrote this I had a pay stub. Now it would be a blank check.

  1. The constant ”Don’t you want a beach body?”sales pitch, make you feel bad reminder every Monday…Good Lord save me! I am missing a belly button and have scars and stretch marks that no one should ever see on a beach. I SHUT MY EYES IN THE SHOWER.
  2. Live Videos….. Stop the madness.  I know they get a lot of views. It is because people watch them over and over again in utter disbelief. If you meet Ryan Gosling, take a live video, but beyond that, prerecorded is just fine.
  3. The online workout videos. I shut my eyes when I walk past a gym because I see those people in there and feel so badly for them. Now, I have to see it when I am eating cake in bed at night. Here is a live picture…

  1. All of the amazing benefits. The prizes, the advancements… I get benefits at my job too, but I don’t post about them. Could you imagine if every teacher, all summer long reminded you on social media that they had their summer off, every day? #anotherdayoff #itisnttoolate #jointheunion #ionlywork180days

***disregard again…I don’t have that job anymore, but I did when I wrote this so I am keeping number 8

  1. The posts about how happy you are. Do happy people have to tell people they are happy? I have less money than I have ever had. I feel the same. I am also medicated, so my happiness meter could always provide a false reading.
  2. The idea that now that you sell “said product” you have more free time… umm, no way… social media takes up more time than a job that you clock in and out of everyday. This seems to be an on call, 24/7 commitment.

Again, please don’t sell me on why I am wrong. I get that this is how you sell your product  and it has really helped people  financially and changed lives.  I know I can hide your posts, but I just wanted to write about it. So have at it with your posts,  creams, workouts and shakes.

I’ll just keep doing what I do best… napping, watching Netflix, telling my kids the same things over and over, helping with never ending  homework and reading about all of the products that could help to improve my life.

If I didn’t make you laugh, one my favorite articles will…


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***Help me find financial freedom. 😜

Jesus helps this mess!

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