Pray for Camryn’s sweet Companion Dog from Canine Partners for Life, Violet. We found a large mass on Violet and Camryn knew that I was taking her to the vet today. She asked me about the appointment as soon as she got home from school. I kind of answered and changed the subject, and gave her a cookie.

How do you tell your child with Autism that her dog has a chest x-ray scheduled for the morning? How do you tell her it may be the deadliest form of cancer in dogs, more prevalent in Labrador Retrievers than other breeds? Why is it just not fair tonight that we can’t tell our oldest daughter the truth for fear that she will suffer silently and then unfortunately develop ulcers in her mouth due to stress?

Tonight Autism sucks. Cancer always sucks.

Jesus is always good though and will reveal His promises and plans through this storm.


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