Iceland Day Two

By the time we finally checked into our hotel room at 9pm Friday night, we crashed. Despite it being daylight for 21 hours, the room darkening shades here are no joke. Dave never sleeps and therefore expected to just wake up well before our 9:30 breakfast reservation. At 11:00, we woke up. So much for breakfast. But don’t worry, here in Iceland, they delivered a breakfast basket right to our door. I’d much rather eat in my bed anyway. #thelazytraveler

Today was spent exploring the city of Reykjavík. Becuase Dave and I have never traveled to Europe, we can’t fairly compare Reykjavík to another city. While it is not an old city, it has Old City, Philadelphia charm. We noticed very quickly that there were only two police officers in the city center, but they were not there all day and night.  Like all officers in Iceland, they were unarmed. Their role seemed more social, if anything. Guns in Iceland are found only in the countryside for hunting. Safety hasn’t even crossed our minds, whereas in any city in the US, we both agree that we tend to be more aware of our surroundings. This makes the city feel almost surreal. The city is extraordinary clean, however we couldn’t get over the amount of graffiti which seemed out of place. 

Despite how busy the city is, it is overwhelmingly quiet. Quiet is not real life for us!! Our kids would change the volume here in an instant. When we FaceTimed them at 1am Iceland time, we were quickly reminded of just how loud they are. They know how to make a joyful noise. We miss the kids so much, but are happy to be away together. We miss Camryn’s nicknames for everyone and one liners, Brynlee’s life coaching, Aubrey’s unique and creative ideas and Courtney’s never ending stream of sentences that seem to pour from her mouth.

We spent the entire day restaurant hopping, shopping and exploring the city. I even hung out with some locals, rode a horse and got attacked by an angry polar bear.

We were going to go to a few museums, but umm… no words needed… We decided to miss this one.

The food everywhere is amazing and eclectic. You can eat anything from puffins to pizza, whale to watermelon, or hotdogs to horse.

We went to ten different restaurants and ate at each one.

Dave was very excited to visit the Lebowski Bar. He and his roommates in college loved the movie. I missed that one.

We took a picture of the menu because the main character from the movie loves these. They appeared to be 8ozs and were 17-24 USD. Crazy!

Side note- One of us said this was Jimmy Carter. Umm, you mean Richard Nixon?

We were never disappointed, but it is insanely expensive. We told our kids tonight that they will never travel to Iceland with us and we spent their college education on food.

Iceland hasn’t had sunlight in 6 weeks, but today there was enough sunlight to make it warm enough to occasionally be in short sleeves. We ended the night on the town by witnessing  the most beautiful, pink sky.



  1. Pop-pop Hertzog on July 15, 2018 at 8:39 am

    You both look so relaxed, you look like honeymooners!

  2. Mom on July 15, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    Looks like a great trip! Have lots of fun! Hope sunshine continues to make an appearance for you. Love and miss you!❤️

    RE: graffiti – if it looks like actual art work, then it’s not considered a bad thing. If it looks like just scribbling, then it’s actual graffiti. All over Poland and France, we saw “beautiful” artwork everywhere.

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