Rockstar DaveI see lots of amazing Dads who are rockstar advocates for their Special Needs Child. Dave is a great advocate. There are days when I run out of patience. I joke with Dave that I used up all of my patience during 6 period!! I often think of him as a relief pitcher who better get in the game quick to save the team from falling apart. He always seems to save me from the craziness!!

When I married Dave, I had no clue what I was in store for. Nor did he and I have put him through A LOT. Imagine bringing your first child home from the hospital and wanting nothing to do with her because of the crippling effects of postpartum. Dave just took over. He stepped in and ultimately helped to make it all better. Little did I know, these few months were a glimpse into how he would handle all future obstacles. Dave just handles our mess!!

Cam loves so many people, she loves me, but she LOVES her Dad. Cam is 100% real and so is her Dad. I see so much in her that I see in him. I think she gravitates towards him because when he is with her, he is present. I could never go through life without him.

Dads never get enough recognition. I am so thankful that Dave is Dave and that he loves all of his girls so much!!


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