imageHaving a child with a disability of course changed our lives. As all of the girls grow, I am in awe at the life altering change it has had on our girls, for the better.

After Camryn was born, we waited four years to have another baby. Our wait was due to fear.

The thought that lingered most was fitting in more services if our next child did have a disability and still giving Camryn all of the therapy and assistance that she needed.

It is crazy the things we worried about back in 2009? I had no clue the decision to have Brynlee was one of the easiest ones I would face come 2011 when my life was really turned upside down.

One of my favorite songs, “Fear is a Lier” by Zach Williams is an anthem  for me. These lyrics are constantly revealed in my life. I don’t spend a lot of time worrying. I have learned it is not worth it. Listen to the song if you want to hear some truths about fear.

God has the perfect timing!

  • In that four year period, Dave and I grew so much closer to the Lord and stopped living our life in fear.
  • We went on to have three more children and these three have proven to be the perfect addition to our family.
  • The relationship that they have with Camryn has been a treasure to watch.
  • The girls have empathy and compassion. We don’t take credit for that. God is moving through their lives and they have learned very early on to hurt for another person because of the struggles she faces.

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