Someone Save Me

img_4063 img_4062I am a juggler. Aren’t we all? Sometimes I am so good at my juggling routine, you would consider me an expert. Sometimes I am so bad at the routine, you would think I am more of a clown than a juggler.
Here is a run down of my ridiculous week. I would love to hear some highlights from your week too. You can make me feel better and give us all a good laugh.
1. My house is in construction mode. It is such a blessing that Dave can do amazing work, but check out the pics. They are just a highlight of how we are living right now.
2. We sold ALL of our bedroom furniture before we bought new bedroom furniture. Logical, right?
3. 3 out of 6 people here had fevers and the stomach bug.
4. School forms: NOTHING WAS HANDED IN ON TIME! The attendance office was calling us to check the whereabouts of our truant children.
5. I ran out of gas on the turnpike AT NIGHT with THREE kids in the car. Thank God one of my best friends was with me.
6. While on the turnpike waiting for help, Aubrey peed all over my shoes.
7. Dave and I were spending Friday night at my sister-in-laws, but then suddenly couldn’t stay because we FORGOT we had a dog.
8. We went to see Phantom in NYC. Arrived at 2:15. It started at 2. Nope, IT STARTED AT 1.
9. Thank God it started at 1:00. An extra hour of whatever that was and Dave would have died.
10. I have a HUGE crack in my windshield and a HUGE dent in the front bumper of my car Both have been there for 6 months, but just happen to be a concern of mine right now.
11. My kids have spent more time on devices this week than Steve Jobs himself.
12. I have no clue what they even ate for dinner this week. Lord, I hope they ate dinner.
13. I have 4 graduate assignments due by 11:59 tomorrow night, yet I am sitting here writing this.
14. My cat has AIDS. He seems awfully sleepy lately. Please don’t die this week.
15. I have parent conferences coming up for the three little ones on Monday. Aubrey and Courtney better act differently at school.
The best part of a new week is that it is a fresh start. I have so much to be thankful for, especially that I am not cooking. Let me rephrase that… my family has so much to be thankful for. Because after this week ,the menu would consist of pigs in a blanket, tater tots and boxed mac and cheese.

One more thing. The jury is still out on Christmas decorations. I’ll keep you posted.

Jesus helps this mess!

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