Check out the January cover story from Upper Providence Living! I adore Adrianne and her family! She gently tortures me that Goldfish, Soda and Fried Food aren’t food groups, but I love that she never makes me feel badly about the choices I make. She is so real and so fun! 

Adrianne Delgado is driven and focused. She has a vision for people that has led her on a genuine mission. “I want people to live their best life now. I want people to thrive and not just survive. I want to give people the tools, motivation, and education to get their lives back.”
Most people think that the “general malaise” they are feeling is normal and that in fact is not true. Adrianne knows this from personal experience. She adopted poor eating habits over the years and tells her clients “I was heavier in college than I was when pregnant with my twins.”
College offers many temptations. Students have the independence to eat what they want, when they want. During Adrianne’s first two years at West Chester University as a Pre-Medical student, she was not able to prevent weight gain, despite being a college athlete. “By my junior year, I lived a mile from campus which forced me to walk four miles a day to classes. I started taking more nutrition classes. I felt empowered to make changes to my lifestyle.” In 2001, Adrianne graduated with honors from West Chester University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, and a minor in Psychology.
As a co-owner and dietician at BodyMetrix Health and Wellness Services in Limerick, Adrianne relates to each client she meets. “I’ve been there. I’ve done everything they’ve done. I’ve struggled and had the same negative thoughts. I have eaten robotically because I too have been stressed out and fatigued. Chances are, I may have even done that last night. I just have to catch myself and use the tools I demonstrate to stay on course.”
Adrianne believes that everything in moderation is the key to success. “The diet industry has failed us miserably. It has made everything black and white. You are either on the diet, or off the diet. If you are off, you are a failure and that is what they want you to believe, so you continue to buy their product. When you stop the diet the industry is trying to sell, you distort your metabolism in the process.”
As a society we don’t live in black and white. “We live in gray. That is what nutrition is; learning to live in gray. We have to learn how to understand ambiguous words like moderation and balance and make them applicable to our lives.” People tend to struggle with these words and that is where Adrianne steps in.
The “all in” exercise and weight loss New Year’s Resolutions are statistically known to fail by February. To avoid another unsuccessful new year, Adrianne has advice for individuals and families to start the journey towards permanent lifestyle transformations. “You can focus on one habit at a time. Some people have the exercise down; some people have the food down. Everyone is at a different starting point.”
•Water: A small dehydration can halt all weight loss efforts. This is the number one thing when it comes to weight management. Get a water bottle with a straw, so it is easier to drink half of your body weight in ounces every day.

•Fruits and Vegetables: Our society does not eat a sufficient amount. I heard a rumor that the Five A Day Council toyed with the idea of changing the daily requirements to ten servings a day. Maybe this will persuade people to eat five. One of my easiest tips is to buy the vegetable tray. If you always have it accessible, there is no reason you can’t snack from it. You have to require that broccoli is on the same playing field as pretzels.

•Everything in Moderation: The minute you start restricting, you are just buying time until you blunder. We don’t need to eat large portions of white flour and sugar, but we need to have them in our diet to feel human. If you try to limit for a long time, the anticipation keeps building. At that point, you won’t just eat one cupcake; you’ll eat a dozen cupcakes. Moderation looks different for everyone and that is where I step in with helping people find a personalized approach for their family and lifestyle.

•Eat Breakfast: It jumpstarts your metabolism and helps you think more clearly. The biggest mistake people make is that they under eat during the day and then overindulge at night. People deprive themselves during the day because they are “trying to be good” as if there is a moral connection to our food choices. In the evening, you don’t have the opportunity to expend calories and your metabolism is checking out for the night. It is the perfect storm for weight gain. At night, we say to ourselves, “I’m just going to finish off the ice cream and be good tomorrow,” but tomorrow never comes!

•Alcohol: Drink 20 ounces of water in between every alcoholic beverage. It slows you down and prevents dehydration the next morning.

•Myth about Exercise: Don’t exercise for weight loss. You exercise because it makes you feel good, relives stress, helps you sleep better, or helps your mental clarity. When it comes to weight loss, food is what is going to help you reach your targets. Exercise is more for maintenance. You cannot out train a poor diet.

•Screen Time and the Comparison Game: Social media is a time waster. You will find the time to meal plan, cook and care for yourself if you spend less time on a screen. Also, social media can make you feel badly about yourself. Unfollow people so your news feed is less appealing and you won’t have the ability to scroll and compare yourself to the weight loss and gym highlights of others. Health is not a competition. Ending the comparison game supports you in treating your body kindly and could prevent personal body shaming. Don’t say things to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a coworker or stranger.

•Get off the Scale: The number does not define you. All it does is clutter your mind with unreasonable expectations. Your value is not found in a number. The scale is a measure, but it is not the predictor of success.

•Get Your Kids in the Kitchen Early: Three year olds can pour ingredients into bowls. Every kid can have a job in the kitchen. As early as 10 years old, kids can be making supervised meals. This is teaching your child early that they do not need to use a microwave to get by.

•Meal Planning with Kids: Do not be a short-order cook. Kids will not starve. Have your kids help pick recipes for the week and make them part of the process. Try a new recipe every few weeks to prevent the monotony. Post the meal plan for the week in the kitchen. Everyone will know ahead of time what they will be eating for the week. Also, meal planning doesn’t fall on just the parents. It is a family event. As a working mom of five kids, I know personally that it has to be a family affair and it is possible! While meal planning, include two vegetables with every dinner.

•Grocery Shopping with Kids: At the grocery store, have your kids pick out new foods. Go home, research the food, find ways to prepare it and then taste test it as a family. This helps to engross your child in developing healthy habits.

•Restaurant Eating with Kids: When going out to eat as a family, order entrée salads and dinners. This will allow you to eat family style and avoid the kids menu. It is near impossible to spot healthy options on the kids menu.

•Avoid Overscheduling: If you are going to put time into your health, you need time to do that. Say no! You are going to run out of minutes in your day and use the drive thru as your kitchen. Your kids can get away with fast food now because they have fast metabolisms, but eventually they are going to be 40 and their metabolisms are not going to be unaffected by the habits they have developed.

•Move Together: Go on bike rides, hike, and play outside with your kids. You don’t need to step foot inside a gym for exercise. Just keep moving. The more you move, the more your body will want to move.

•Start a Garden: Not everyone has the space, but if you do this is a great project to do with your kids. Not only does it teach them where there food is coming from, it is a great way to get your kids outside. You do not need to start big. We started with a couple of raised beds and have expanded every year. Also, it saves you a lot of money.
•Snacking: It is your job as a parent to provide healthy options at regularly scheduled intervals. It is the child’s decision to choose from the options presented and the quantity they will consume. This encourages your child to create a healthy relationship with food. Work together with your child and promote their intrinsic love of decision making.

Adrianne sells hope. She can convey the guidelines you need to commence a triumphant journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Food is a fantastic part of life and the anxiety and need for perfection is not required. “Don’t let a lapse, turn into a relapse, turn into a collapse. A lapse is just a lapse. If you mess up, you get right back up. That is what we teach our kids. Just because you get a bad grade on a test, doesn’t mean you throw in the towel and start next semester.”
You don’t have to wait for the best time to begin your voyage towards a new lifestyle. The time is now


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