I love teachers. I love being a teacher and have become a better teacher because of Camryn. Camryn has been blessed with amazing teachers. Every single one of them has loved on my girl as if they were there in the hospital with us on February 15, 2005. Every teacher has worked tirelessly with Camryn and I try to pay that forward in my own classroom. I have learned from her teachers that the faces sitting in front of me everyday are kids of parents who love their kids as much as I love mine. We have been in the presence of greatness at IEP Meetings. Camryn had one teacher that literally tied everything in the curriculum to the Muppets for our Muppet loving kid. Today, the greatness of teachers shined through when Camryn came home with a gift from school. One of her teachers wrapped a picture frame for Camryn. In the frame was a beautiful picture of Camryn and her friend, Mckenzie. That my friends, is an example of a great teacher… a teacher who knows this remarkable friendship will be a career highlight. 🙂 So thanks to all the teachers out there. Keep treating students like you would treat your own kid. Behind that kid is a Mom who needs all the cheerleaders she can get on her team and who better to co-captain the team than a great teacher. And BTW… SUMMER IS COMING!!



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