When Dave and I met in high school, I knew instantly that he was a quality guy. At 22, I fell in love with this quality guy and have never looked back. Dave lives our marriage vows on a daily basis. In 12 years, we have been through good times and bad, sickness and health. Dave has proven it isn’t what you go through, it is how you handle those situations that counts. When Camryn was first diagnosed, it was difficult for us, but Dave has always been a rock. I’ve tried alternative therapies, homeopathic doctors, DAN doctors, the GFCF diet, Tomatis, Music Therapy, etc… and he has supported my ideas 100%. We have paid so much money trying to find answers and he never questioned my new venture. That is why we work!!! We are a team and he selflessly puts five other people before himself. His patience with Camryn is admirable and such an example to all of us. Sometimes I feel like we are wrestlers tapping each other in and out of the match, but there is no one I would rather have as a partner. With Dave there is nothing I can’t face. I thank God he is Camryn’s Dad. He was made for the job.



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