Where do all my hair ties go? I buy them in bulk, MONTHLY and they just seem to disappear. I often wonder if they have feet.

Living in a house with 4 girls is no joke. Seriously. It is exhausting. Maybe it is the same with boys.

Never mind, it isn’t the same. I was a high school teacher for 17 years. Boys were slightly easier than girls. By slightly, I actually mean extremely slightly easier.

When I question them about ANYTHING they get weird looks on their faces. Just like teenage girls. I could ask them something simple like, “Did you have fun at the birthday party?” and they look at me like this:

Suspect One
Suspect Two

In tonight’s saga, I was merely looking for hair ties. Ironically, no one had seen a hair tie in a long time. By long time, I actually mean they acted as if they had never even heard the word before.

NO ONE knew a thing about hair ties. The amount of time I waste in a week looking for hair ties is unbelievable. I find them on their wrists, in their backpacks, under their beds, all over my car and NOW in custom designed chandeliers.

Obvious Suspect

One would think the A would give it away, but this is the face I got when I pleaded with the guilty party and begged that she stop using my stuff for her design inspirations.


It is bad enough she takes everything out of the the recycling bin to use for, “A project that won’t make a mess. Seriously!” I gave up stopping her. Prevention was causing her to hoard boxes, envelopes, and empty water bottles in the strangest places.

Pray for me. Daily. Hourly. Actually, can you pray for me every minute of every day for the rest of my life?

If you want to buy a custom hair tie chandelier, message me.

Next up, the case of the missing sock and the Mom who refused to give up the search.


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  1. Christina M Hakes on February 1, 2019 at 11:08 am

    I find toilet paper tubes in very odd ‘hidden’ places in our house….that’s a boy saving it for a Pinterest craft project!

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