I have strep throat.

I have strep throat because of Camryn.

I have strep throat because of Camryn using my tooth-brush.

I really have strep throat because of Dave.

Dave thought the toothbrush in OUR bathroom that looks like the toothbrush in CAMRYN’S bathroom was Camryn’s toothbrush. 🙄🤯

Cam just got home and could  tell I didn’t  feel well. We were sitting in the kitchen and she was snacking away as she looked through cookbooks showing me what looked good. Daily routines cannot be broken.  She finished her snack, cleared her place and for the first time turned around, looked at me and said, “Old, can I get you something?”

My reaction:

She was laughing so hard.

She said, “I have to get a picture of this!!”  And probably thought, since my Mom is sick, she may let me look at her pictures.

Camryn has never asked if I needed anything in such an empathetic way. Kids with Autism have empathy, they just have difficulty expressing it. Camryn tends to get very anxious if one of her sisters gets hurt.

Here is an example:

(Driving to Urgent Care)

Sister with broken foot: Mom, my foot really hurts.

Healthy Camryn: I am sick too.

Me: Cam, you are fine. You are just being a good friend and coming with us.

Camryn: (Really Crying) I was sick.

Me: Today you aren’t.

Camryn: (Crying Harder)Do I have to get a shot?

Car Veering… Metaphor for patience being depleated.

Random Sister (Keeping it Real): Camryn, stop. You are not sick. This is not about you.

Camryn: (Crying)- I am sorry.

Everyone: Camryn, no one is mad at you. You don’t need to cry abou…..

Camryn: What’s for dinner?

Today Camryn felt badly about the way I felt. Today she took another punch at Autism. The little victories are so rewarding!!





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