The Thought of Getting Revenge

When I was little my parents would say that they couldn’t wait to one day come to my house or ride in my car and destroy it. Dave and I couldn’t agree more with this now that we have kids destroying our things.

Here is a list of things we are going to do to our kids when they grow up. Please comment and add to our list on FB or on my blog.

1. Drink sippy cups of milk and leave them under the seats of their cars.

2. Jump on their furniture.

3. Throw up, but not in the toilet.

4. Bring the gift of head lice to their house.

5. Complain about anything and everything.

6. Draw on things just for the sake of drawing on things that shouldn’t be drawn on.

7. Put our dirty, disgusting, greasy hands on their tv, iPad and phone.

8. Take showers for a minimum of thirty minutes.

9. Have them make dinner and not eat a thing.

10. Eat Cheetos and rub our orange hands all over everything.

11. Use their makeup as face paint .

12. Put on every item of clothing in their closet in one morning and then put them in the hamper.

13. Use their perfume as hairspray.

14. Leave the outer doors of their house open so their animals can roam free. Oh, and not tell them for a very long time.

15. Jump and splash through mud and then run through their house.

So what are yours? Please comment so we can go to battle in the future prepared to get revenge.


Jesus helps this mess!

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