There is that Smile We Love

Today is Grandparent’s Day at The Timothy School and Camryn is back. I can hear her laughing with Pop Pop this morning at breakfast…with a mouthful of bagel. Pop Pop and a bagel… Life is good!!

Check out these beautiful pictures from today!! Pop Pop, Cam’s BFF, Kenz and Applebee’s…

The joy on her face is worth every obstacle we face. It is a reminder that this is not about us. We will remember moments like these in times of struggle. She feels true joy, despite not being able to always express her needs. Many people do not feel the happiness Camryn does. The joy we see in this world is often filtered for social media or for keeping up purposes. The new kitchen, trip to Disney, new house, beach house, new car, or trip to the gym “shout out” always seems like scripted, temporary happiness to me. Who really cares about someone else’s kitchen, car or trip to the gym?

Camryn’s  joy is the joy that we were created to have…genuine joy.

Genuine joy is not found in stuff. It is found in viewing life through Camryn’s eyes when she is living in the moment, loving life. We should all strive to be a little more like Cam each day.


Jesus helps this mess!

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