“That sounds so…annoying,” remarked Dave. “That is just what people want to hear in the morning,” laughed my judgy husband.

My friend asked me last year to appear on her show, This is it with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer.  I will be joining her on her digital series broadcast LIVE on Thursday.

I watch her show and she always looks perfect and professional. Between now and Thursday, I have to figure out what I am wearing that will truly represent me. I am thinking something that I wear to work everyday. I thought about business professional, but I don’t wear that to watch Netflix. A Bathing suit.? My missing belly button may scare people, but the camera IS belly button up. Workout clothes? THAT IS HYSTERICAL. I would have to buy those. Pajamas? I may be getting warmer.

Check us out as we talk about parenting with low expectations, dressing twins alike, comas, Autism and anything else she asks me. Jesus, because this is live TV I am going to need that filter I have been asking for. Please, thank you in advance and Amen.


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