Times have changed, but my perspective hasn’t. My house is somewhat decorated for Halloween. The kids did it themselves. I just wanted to repost a favorite! 


If you are like my favorite sister-in-law, you have your Fall decorations up with your Christmas music playing in the background. I actually love her so much for this and she often tells me how many days we have until Christmas —-throughout the year.

One of my best friends, whom my kids would prefer to live with, has had mums, pumpkins and haystacks since September. I love that my kids are getting into the Fall spirit at her house.

It takes my Mom days to decorate her house perfectly for each season. Every bin, labeled and organized. Her table displayed so beautifully for every holiday.

I can’t even wrap my head around this concept. I would eat on paper plates for every meal, even the important ones. I can’t even wrap Christmas gifts. They all get a carpenter size trash bag. You’ll never hear me say I’m busy wrapping and you’ll never hear my kids say that wrapping this morning was beautiful.

October is here and I am not doing a thing. My kids even make false accusations that the themed artwork that comes home goes in the trash. Okay, occasionally, but for what reason do I need to save all of that stuff? I don’t want my artwork from elementary school just as I don’t want Santa to come down the chimney.

I am so over the whole Elf on the Shelf stuff too. This year I can hide a ghost for Halloween, move that creepy Elf around, I can fill their February with love notes, I can trap a sneaky leprechaun, I can hide plastic eggs filled with gross candy and money that I get from their piggy banks, I can let them hold sparklers in the backyard on the 4th and then take a trip to Urgent Care.

This year I am keeping it real. I am going to cook, clean, do homework, drive my minivan around the entire zip code a thousand times, hang with my parents, family and friends, and occasionally yell at my kids. I am going to referee arguments, wipe tears…the necessary and unnecessary, and proudly prove that I just don’t care about making things magical. Trust me I have time to throw some decorations up, I just hate it.

We took our kids to California this summer. In no specific order are the three things they liked best:

1) the fights they were having with empty water bottles in the backseat of our rented van
2) the amount of Taco Bells there were in California
3) the hotel pool

All of the beautiful landscaping and scenery was a huge snore, so guess what? Our barren house shall me too.

Until these four lovely ladies I live with stop putting clean clothes in the hamper , they can kiss the optional holidays goodbye. Why do I need to put more stuff out so they can touch it and move it all over the house. And then I have to take it down?

They can visit my friends and family and come right on back to reality and realize that decorating pumpkins are not on my to-do list this year. They can of course Trick or Treat and I will continue to override Dave as he tells them they have to find their costumes from the crusty dress up bin in the basement.

My to- do list includes:

Having them clean the basement,  bedrooms, THE TOOTHPASTE SWIMMING POOL ON THEIR BATHROOM COUNTER, and prompting them to JUST SIT AND FINISH THEIR HOMEWORK, will keep them busy from Halloween through Labor Day.

When December 1st rolls around the tree will go up, we will celebrate advent, we will make our cake for Jesus, make cookies, buy toys that they will look at for one day, but I will have the decorations away and the toys down the basement by the 26th.



  1. Kellyann Mitchell on October 3, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Haha, love you Kristi!!!!

  2. Rebecca Dampf on October 4, 2016 at 10:05 pm

    Too funny and yet a great idea! Doing all the stuff always stressed me out.

  3. Lois King on October 28, 2018 at 11:00 am

    I love you Kristi!

  4. Kristi Hertzog on October 28, 2018 at 12:25 pm

    The feeling is so mutual!! ❤️

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