imageEvery time I turn on the news, scroll through Facebook or talk to a friend or family member, I am often reminded of the struggles that people are facing in our community. When I hear that a child has cancer or another child was just diagnosed with Autism or a child was killed in a tragic accident, I am brought to my knees in prayer, but part of me feels naive to all that we could experience while on Earth. We pray for people, but sometimes think these things could never happen to us.

This has led me to think a lot about different trials Dave and I have faced as a couple.

In my early years, I skipped through life without a care in the world. Things came easy for me. Friends were easy to make, grades were good enough to keep my parents semi happy. I made some poor decisions along the way, but never got into real trouble. I guess you could say I lived a pretty blessed life. Dave would tell you a similar story of his early years.

But blessed lives don’t mean you won’t deal with trials and having faith doesn’t mean that it won’t be tested beyond your understanding.

We were dealt a bad hand with Postpartum. We struggled navigating the world as parents of a child with Special Needs. The biggest trial we faced in such different ways was after the birth of Aubrey and Courtney. Unfortunately, Dave and I were never on the same page during this time. He was so happy that I was alive and making gains everyday and I couldn’t even put into words the despair I felt. His joy and thankfulness because of answered prayers was so apparent and I was so resentful of the trauma my body was still facing and the journey towards recovery.

Once I got a strong grip on the trial I was facing, I realized that the Lord WAS guiding me through, no matter how alone I felt.

All these obstacles have taught me perseverance and given me such a clearer picture of Dave. All of our trials have helped to develop our attitude. They have developed our faith, they have given us hope. Our Faith didn’t take away our pain in all of these situations, but it helped to navigate them. It also helped to open our eyes.

I continue to be amazed that Dave never losses his character through all we face. I am sometimes so focused on the hurt instead of the lesson that I am being led through. To have a parter that never losses that vision, puts me at peace. I know that I am strong, but I know that together we are stronger.

No one knows what is around the next corner, but for my family we have proven that you can’t stand alone. You need to have faith and understanding. I now firmly believe and will declare that God is with you and for you.

Tonight as I write this, I am praying for so many people and my heart is broken for so many families. They continue to inspire me with their warrior spirit and that is a legacy that will never be forgotten. ❤️❤️❤️

Jesus helps this mess!

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