Don’t Miss the Beautiful Ceremony

Violet’s Bucket List

We were devastated when Violet was diagnosed with end stage Hemangiosarcoma in February.

The One Upper

Everyone knows she is the nicest dog, but who knew she was such a scene stealer?

The Bride!

I think my Dad was happy to kick Glioblastomata to the curb for a millisecond as everyone focused on Violet- Man’s Best Friend.


Sometimes, there are THOSE people who have a dog and regret getting it, hate walking it, hate that it sheds and call it the wrong gender everytime.

Unfortunately, I fall into the THOSE people category, but now I am Team Violet.

The Royal Wedding

This EPIC wedding event was a weekend that my kids will never forget. Life is all about creating lemonade moments.

We have been crossing off Violet’s bucket list one by one. A couple of weekends ago we crossed off:

  • Violet’s Royal Hotel Stay
  • Violet’s Wedding to Finnegan (our cat)

Who in their right mind would allow these two ridiculous things to even make it on a bucket list?

Bucket Fillers
Granddad with Finnegan- Wedding Day
Violet and Camryn
Handsome Groom

Getting Through the Battle

Over time, we have learned from experience that when you focus on bucket lists and search for lemonade moments even in the darkest daysyou can find joy.

You just have to slow down and look for it.

Life is all about finding happiness during the storm, making the best out of even the worst situations, and crossing things off your bucket list, or in this case your dog’s bucket list.

Everyone deserves the royal treatment!! 💕 I hope you enjoy the royal wedding video above if you haven’t already.

Do you have some items on your bucket list? Could you share them with me in the comments, email me or write to me on social media!

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  1. Cynth and Donnie on April 1, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    Loved the wedding ceremony! Very nice. Donnie and I feel slighted that we were not invited. Donnie said he would have contested the butt sniffing!

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