imageI love all of my friends, but today I am focusing on my college friends. Recently I went to dinner with a group of them and a portion of our conversation revolved around what Happy Meal toys are being given out at each fast food restaurant. These girls are all real and some times have low standards when it comes to what they serve their kids for dinner. Bless all of you that never fed your kids fast food. They are so missing out. My friends know that if I could, I would eat fast food for every meal, but I choose not to. We all got a laugh when I said Dave won’t let our kids get Happy Meal toys because the kids meals are too expensive. Got to love a saver!! Lord knows I struggle in this department.

These girls are so real…. Their kids eat junk and they aren’t afraid to admit it. My girls are not competitive. We can’t be. We all know each other’s weaknesses and mistakes. We have been through too much together to compete. We praise one another’s strength and admire everyone’s individual lives. Through our years of being moms we have never judged who breast fed, who bottle fed, who forgot to feed!!! We never judged that some of us may have used the recalled Nap Nanny, who used plastic bottles, who used glass. We didn’t care whose kids were addicted to pacifiers and thumbs or whose four year olds were still not potty trained. They may have been mine, but whatever. We never judged the working moms or the stay at home moms and joked that both scenarios sometimes stunk. We don’t compare houses or cars, but we do admire one another’s new purses. We never fight and never have. We laugh until our stomachs hurt.

We are real and genuine to each other. We can go lots of time without seeing one another, but we go right back to 1996 where it all began. We support one another, cry together, laugh together.

These friendships are cherished by all of us and this gift of friendship is a blessing in our lives. We have memories of living together in North Philly and squeezing 14 in a shore house summer after summer. Those were the days, but I think we are all loving growing together and continuing the best friendships ever.

I love that part of my team is filled with the strongest, craziest, and most loving group of women I have ever met.




  1. Aunt Barb on August 8, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    “Barrel of fun” you crazy girls! Loved when you all came home with Jill for Chicken salad! Love reading your posts

  2. Amanda OBrien on August 9, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    Aww! Kristi- I love you, too??

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