You’re Having Twins!!!

imageSTOP RIGHT THERE! Breathe for one second and just imagine that statement coming from the doctor to the Mom that battled PPD, had a kid with special needs, another kid and was completely feeling confident for baby number three not three and four. Remember we WERE the same people who were stopping after one kid.

I just knew though that something was different with this pregnancy. Two of my best friends when I announced that I was pregnant joked that it would be SO funny if I had twins. I now hate those friends. ?

Seriously though I felt awful from the very beginning and was just so nervous that something wasn’t right. Dave decided to come with me to the initial appointment to calm my nerves along with Camryn and Brynlee.

When the doctor was completing the ultrasound, he was taking so long. I just started praying that everything was okay especially because Camryn and Brynlee were there with us and I knew that I would have to keep it together in front of them.

Finally after what felt like a very long time, he asked Dave to move closer to the screen and stated “There is A baby and there is ANOTHER BABY!” I literally sat up and told that doctor I was only there for one. I even asked the nurse if she was interested in adoption. Then Dave asked if they were playing a joke on us. This still cracks me up. Why would the OB play jokes on patients?  Okay staff, today we are going to tell this thirty-one year old that she is having twins. It will be so funny.

We were so out of it that we even asked how this happened. He gave us a quick biology lesson and explained to us that they were identical twins. Identical twins do not run in families so it just happens. Seriously, dude? It just happens?

The doctor left the room. Dave and I at this point were just cracking up laughing. Why would God ever think we could handle two more kids, especially at the same time?

Little did we know God would reveal himself in so many ways in the months to come. It wasn’t going to be about what we could handle, it would clearly be about what HE could handle.

We called my Mom first and she didn’t believe us. This happened with everyone we told. No one believed us. I guess I have a slight reputation for joking with people. When we showed Dave’s family the ultrasound picture the laughter in the room was definitely at us not with us!!

TWINS!!! We got this. How hard could it really be?

Jesus helps this mess!

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